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Here’s what you need to know in re:

“All Flockbinkers Are Treadknicious.”


All flockbinkers are treadknicious.

No, seriously. They really are. All flockbinkers are, in fact, treadknicious.

The point is worth dwelling on at some length. And on this blog, we do dwell at length on such edifying themes as the treadkniciousness of flockbinkers… while taking sideways glances at such related themes as meaning and absurdity, truth and its consequences, falsity, falsification and fallacies, confusion and clarity, signal and noise, surrealism, realism, humor and eccentricity, the normal, the normative and the odd, randomness and order, chaos and structure, and (of course) edifying homilies ‘On the Formulation and Sharing of Opinions.’

Oops. Hmmm. Are you thinking that this blog sounds terribly serious and intellectually forbidding? Oh my. Stop it. Stop it right now. You can put that misconception behind you right this very minute! Never a dull minute with this puppy! There’s a lot more horsing around than endorsing of speculative systems, more goober-ish frivolity than sober-ish philosophical reflection. Or, maybe we should say it this way—we approach philosophy through the vehicle of horsing around. (A horse is a kind of vehicle, isn’t it? Must ask Aristotle about this the next time we run into him.)

“All Flockbinkers Are Treadknicious” is an unconventional, trans-dimensional, rollicking, whimsical, nonsensical, fiercely (kind of) logical, rigorously (well, sorta) philosophical, silly, seriocomic, and oddly insightful miscellany of philosophical jokes and serious dilemmas, highly suspicious syllogisms and syntheses, critical thinking exercises and pop quizzes; explanations, exclamations and explorations, all centered on the Big Questions related to meaning, being, truth, and how many Analytic Philosophers it takes to screw in a light bulb.

And dialogues. There are lots of dialogues: between Little Biffy and Jennifer Smith, between Elvis Wu and Herr Professor, even between The Blogger and The Good Reader.

The blog is a mischievous, tumbled-together exploration of logical inference, reason, nonsense, sense (and sensibility) (with somewhat less attention given to pride and prejudice)—a whimsical foray into semiotics, semiconducted in a seminally seriocomic stew featuring a menagerie of nonexistent (semi-existent? provisionally existent? modally existent?) entities that may or may not enjoy certain sorts of logical relationships.

And as a bonus, if you’re checking in regularly, you may even get to listen in as The Blogger sorts through his Reader Mail and answers questions from people who may or may not actually exist. We suspect that sometimes he just makes them up. We’re not 100% sure. Some of these people cannot possibly exist.

“All Flockbinkers Are Treadknicious” wanders to and fro through thickets of comedy and tragedy, discourse and argumentation, ontology, metaphysics, epistemology, axiology, phrenology, apology, git-down-wid-you-bad-sef-ology, and how to tell the difference between what is real and what is only pretending to be.

If you read this blog regularly, you have our money-back guarantee that you will be able to comprehend some of the mysterious dilemmas that have haunted the great thinkers, such as “What are the things that give life true meaning?” and “Can you count it as a great Super Bowl commercial if you’re able to remember the entertaining monkey in it but not the product that was being advertised?” and “What is up with Conan O’Brien’s haircut?”


There are (obviously) jokes featuring three Scotsmen sitting on a fence, jokes about Plato doing lunch with Bertrand Russell, jokes about Confucius and Buddha going into a bar, jokes about Wittgenstein taking Schrodinger’s Cat for a walk. Man, the classics never get old, do they!

And, of course, as we may have mentioned earlier, there will be flockbinkers. What would a blog about flockbinkers be, without flockbinkers? Flockbinkerless, that’s what it’d be, which would be tragedy of a sort that Shakespeare and Sophocles would have quailed to attempt upon the stage.

On one level, this blog is an introduction to philosophy (if a convenient pigeonhole is needed), suitable for a general readership with no previous exposure to philosophy or logic. But it’s a highly selective intro to philosophy, a somewhat, er, idiotic one, following The Blogger’s interests and concerns rather than attempting to set out a conventional survey. And that’s dressing it up nice in a coat and tie so the aunts won’t complain.


This blog is part of something larger called

“The 12 Blogs Project.”


The 12 Blogs Project is an appallingly ambitious experiment.

The blogger, dkb, has somehow got the idea into his head that he’s going to maintain twelve distinct blogs, each with its own body of content.

These 12 blogs are of various kinds, employ an insanely wide breadth of forms and styles, and feature a variety of philosophical, theological, whimsical, and creative content. Among these blogs you’ll find sober prose, dramatic dialogues, fiction, poetry, experimental writing. There’s a bit of something for almost every taste. Basically, they represent the oceanic range of interests of this “dkb” fellow (if that is indeed his real name) who seems to be the mastermind behind it all.

If you’d like to explore any of the other blogs in this surreal yet rational and strangely comfy little universe — or perhaps you’d like to read more about The 12 Blogs Project — then click on the highlighted thing that you just passed a couple of seconds ago. Click away, o curious reader. Click like no one is watching. Click like you’ve never been hurt. Click like the wind. Click like the hounds are on your trail.