About Foundations Collegium

This blog is part of something larger called The 12 Blogs Project. The majority of these blogs feature content that first saw the light of day in an educational program called Foundations Collegium, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, of which i…

(dkb, the fellow behind this blog and its 11 companion blogs)

…was the founder and Rector.

Now, Foundations Collegium has always been a bit difficult to explain, and it’s getting more so by the day. So listen up.

I established Foundations Collegium in the Fall of 1996, the fruit of an educational philosophy and a body of curricular ideas i’d been assembling during several years of private tutoring, much of it for home-educating families.  The collegium was a course of study designed for academically gifted Christian home-educated teens; it involved exploration of history and literature, music and the visual arts, philosophy and theology, Biblical studies and critical thinking, rhetoric and discipleship, and the complexities / simplicities of the Kingdom of God.

At its core, Foundations Collegium was a worldview training program.

Of course, all educational programs are. Worldview training programs, i mean. It’s just that most educators and school administrators are unaware of the fact — they are not explicitly, deliberately teaching worldview. But the fact is undeniable: ALL education is worldview training. And Foundations Collegium was set up as a rigorous vehicle for enabling students to put together an accurate worldview that was unified, lucid, and reasonably complete.

The program met twice a week in my living room, and involved a combination of lecture, discussion, exercises, presentations and panel discussions… with a battery of oral examinations for which each student was individually scheduled at the end of each semester.  I did not talk down to my students, having never subscribed to the popular prejudice that teenagers are stupid. We discussed the defining, architectural issues that give shape to the real world, and i expected them to form judgments that were mature, rational and responsible in the face of available evidence, argument and Divine revelation. We had a good time together.

In 2014, i began re-envisioning Foundations Collegium as something broader, a community of discussion and exploration not limited to, nor even primarily made up of, young people… a network of monthly roundtable conversations… a forum for public communications of various kinds — seminars and workshops, symposia, public lectures, blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, booklets and books.

The 12 Blogs Project represents one part of the fruit of that re-evaluation process.